The legal, executive and jurisdiction power oversight the Intelligence Agency work. The oversight of the work in the Agency is determined in the Law of the Intelligence Agency. The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia shall oversee the work of the Agency through an appropriate Commission for oversight of the work of the Intelligence Agency and of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence. The Director of the Agency shall submit annual for the work done previous year to the commission explaining all the fields of work. The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia submits the conclusions from the report to the President of the Republic of Macedonia and to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia
The parliamentary oversight of the work is conducted for:

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, The Ministry of Finance, Jurisdiction, the Public Prosecutor and the publicity supervise and partial or full control of the work performed in the Agency. During intelligence work performance, one of the key factors for tracking mechanisms if the lawful work. Contextually, the important mechanism if the Law on internal audit. As provisioned, there is an organizational unit in the institution – Department for internal audit) established in July 2005 and functional ever since. This department is hierarchically subordinated to the director of the Intelligence Agency. The target of this unit is to provide independent and objective management evaluation in order to impove the work and the systems for internal control.
The State Audit Office, pursuant to the provisions for objective and timely information to the competent state bodies and the public for the conducted audits of the public funds beneficiaries, oversights the work in he Agency. In compliance with the Law on Classified Information, the Directorate for Security of the Classified information get special importance in coordination with control mechanisms. Contextually, the authorized person has a significant role not only in intelligence and security services, but in other state bodies as well that handle classified information.
There are also internal normative acts that contribute the control functionality and the legal performance of the professional tasks. The Director of the Intelligence Agency or the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, upon a proposal issued by the Director of the Agency, bring the internal normative acts. They arrange the work scope of the agency that has not been regulated by the law or bylaws.