The Intelligence Agency (АR) as a special body of state administration and in compliance with the Law of AR is an intelligence service authorized for collection, analysis and processing of the intelligence information relevant for security, defense, political, economic and other interests of the Republic of Macedonia.
Therefore, the Agency has established and is continually developing appropriate mechanisms for prevention, anticipation, early warning and risks estimation. It informs the state authorities of the Republic of Macedonia about the processes that generate threats for the national security and for the permanent and vital principles in order to establish stable secure environment and sustainable long-term development.
The Intelligence Agency represents one of the basic pillars of the intelligence and security system of the Republic of Macedonia. It has been constituted upon the intelligence concept as a long-term strategic process for national interests and priorities protection and in accordance with the modern standards for prevention and current security threats and risks management.
The Intelligence Agency is continuously aiming towards enlargement of its capacities in those environments where there are risks for the vital and permanent national interests and is building strategic partnerships that are relevant for the state and represent support of the international security policies. The dynamics of the processes and the joint dependence of the states in the region and in broader surrounding compulsory impose the need for cooperation of the intelligence services on both bilateral and multilateral level. .